The Nicholas Holcomb Family

The Nicholas Holcomb Family
Spring 2015

Monday, October 10, 2016

Nick's DNA Test Results!

My husband, Nick, was so excited about my DNA test results when I got them that he immediately ordered his own test. The results have come in today, so after a couple weeks off from genealogy, I'm diving back in and running down leads from his results list. I've added several family members already from his list of matches and requested more information from people that either a) don't have tree matches with him in their trees or b) have teeny tiny trees. The ones with big trees and no matches are the interesting ones to me because we don't have a record of who his biological grandfather is on his maternal side.  I'll let you know when I come up with more information.


Monday, September 26, 2016

My Family History Notebook

When I first started my genealogy searching, I had a notebook with all my adoption records in it. Everything was on notebook paper or official documents from my adoption or things I had ordered online. It was a useful thing, but not terribly pretty.

Once I got in touch with my birthfamily, I was sent some notebook paper sheets with all the last couple of generations of family members laid out. One side of the family even sent me birthdates for all my 1st cousins, which was overwhelmingly nice given that there are 27 on just one side of the family. I filed it all away in the adoption binder and then forgot about it for several years.

One day my Cub Scout had to do work on a family tree for some badge or other. We sat down and worked one out based on my adoptive family tree and my husband's mother's adoptive family tree. It was pretty good, but on a huge posterboard that was hard to keep up with.

Three years later another of my little Cub Scouts had to do the same project, but this one had spent a lot of hours watching a TV program with commercials, so he had the lofty goal of putting together a family tree on the computer...

...and so we started our online family tree research.

Friday, September 23, 2016

More help already!

I received a lovely email today from a member of the Eastlick family, updating me on another name to add to my family collection: William Eastlick, husband of Phebe, father of Cornelius.

He also pointed me in the direction of FindAGrave, which I have glanced at in the past, but never used for genealogy purposes. What a wonderful resource! I have added my profile information for it in the sidebar.

What I'm Searching and How I'm Doing It

Hello world!

My genealogy search started with me as an adoptee looking for my birth family. I wanted medical information at first, and as I found more and more information about my birth family, I started wanting to get to know them and their story as well. I've been fortunate in that one side welcomed me whole-heartedly and gave me a lot of photos and information and love. One family member sent a huge family tree on paper and another has one online that I'm getting info from as well. The other side took a little more warming up, but I have finally gotten some family history and photos from that side as well. I took a DNA test through and that has provided some interesting information, too.

BUT...I was raised by a wonderful family...and I love those people and I know all their stories and I'm listed in their family trees, so I am also researching them and adding to their family tree histories and knowledge.

I am also looking into my husband's family genealogy. My mother-in-law set me down the path and other family members had already stated family trees that had a lot of information I needed.

So, you can find my combined family trees on Ancestry, Wikitree, and MyHeritage. I also have a profile at Gedmatch, but am not linking it for now because my gedcom file upload got very weird and I'd like to fix it before sending people that way.